Planning your babyshower :

You would like to have your family and close friends around you to celebrate your upcoming baby, well the baby shower is what you need. 

IMG_0416The baby showers we know today began during the baby boom era after World War II. The term "shower" came from the practice of "showering" the mother-to-be with gifts and commodities that could get expensive for the parents. Since then, baby showers have certainly evolved as far as etiquette. Today it is appropriate to host co-ed baby showers where both men and women can attend and the guest of honor includes the father-to-be as well.

Wed’Love will guide you to plan this event by advising in your choices. We will recommend our contractors such as caterer, decoration, paper decoration, original entertainment that will make this day memorable to your guest and above all to the future mum. 

Different plans are available on request. This plan is also available for a childbirth.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalised quote starting from 250 €.