Certified Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner certification :


Wishing to create an agency with impeccable ethics, Anaïs first underwent training before deciding to launch her agency.

The profession of Wedding Planner cannot be improvised, this profession requires many skills and knowledge specific to the world of events and wedding in particular.


Anaïs therefore naturally chose to train at the “International Wedding Institute” in Paris. First training institute specializing in wedding, the International Wedding Institute was founded in France in 2010 following the success of the site www.devenirweddingplanner.com created in 2008.

The training represents 140 hours of training, or 1 month: 10 days of presence at the institute in Paris + online courses. The training ends with an exam to validate the acquisition of professional skills by obtaining an IWI certificate.

Anaïs was certified Wedding Planner on March 26, 2018.






















Crédit photo : Anne-Marie Mecherie ©, International Wedding Institute