Wedding Planning

A bit of history about Wedding Planner ...

Most of the people think that the profession of wedding planner is quite new and come from the US. Nevertheless, History shows us that event organization has been existed for centuries. In fact, Cleopatra herself used event planner called scribes who were in charged of ceremony or bath organization (rituals in ancient Egypt).


In the recent world, the profession wedding planner appeared in the US between 1900 and 1920 under the name of Bridal consultants. At the beginning, this service was offered to rich, stars and political persons. Then the Second World War stopped during a time its development in the US.


As soon as the Second World War was over, the job of bridal consultants was developed again. The first association ABC (Association Bridal Consultant) was created in 1955 and aimed to form, supervise and control the profession which today is largely developed in the US. For instance, 80% of the future married couple in the US hire ‘bridals consultants’ to organize their wedding.


It is only in the 70’s that this job crossed the Atlantic and appeared in the UK. In France, we had to wait until the 00’s to discover this profession.


This job is not really controlled in France, therefore, lot of people create their own agency without any formation or knowledge about the subject. It is true that this profession has becoming really trendy so lot of people get into it.