Anaïs Colzart-Ambrosi

Who am I ?



Anaïs : founder and Wedding Planner


I'm Mom and business woman. Ambitious, dreamy, go-getter. In creating Wed’Love in 2018, I wanted to use my know-how and my years of experience in the world of events to create tailor-made events that look like my clients. 

A true versatile conductor and perfectionist, I like to work as a team leader and create harmony in the weddings I organize.

Native from Belgium, based in the Var since 2015, I was immersed in events since my youngest age with my mom who was even event organizer at the time. 


Studies : first oriented towards a real estate agent diploma that I obtained in June 2013. During these 3 years of study I worked at the same time in the real estate sector as an advisor in real estate for various agencies and especially in a famous market leader group in Belgium at the time.




Career : In October 2013, after my diploma as a real estate agent, I had the opportunity to go to work at the Club Méditerranée and from then on realize a child’s dream. I worked a little over a year in the reception department starting as a receptionist and quickly becoming a Public Relations Manager.


After this fabulous professional and human experience, I decided to move to the South of France in May 2015. Initially, I work as a sales representative in the renewable energy field, where I gain a very enriching field experience. In April 2017, I decided to stop and go back to school to become a Wedding Planner. 




Now I organize, I create, I plan your precious moments, like a tinkerbell. All this thanks to my expertise in the world of events. Why wedding ? It is essentially a return to the roots, from the past of mom but also because today wedding has become an event in its own right that requires a lot of time and knowledge. 

In French, in English, rigor and organization "à la belge". Honesty, benevolence and transparency are my key words.

Do we plan to meet soon ? To build your wedding project!


With love, 



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